Luchando por un sueño, Aziz Lib

Contamos historias de personas que sienten la música y sueñan con ella. Hoy os presentamos Aziz Lib un joven de Marruecos que sueña con venir a Ibiza y poder trabajar en la industria musical.

Esta es la carta original (inglés) que recibimos y que hoy queremos compartir con todos vosotros.

“I have always had a passion for discovering new music and wanted to be involved in the industry since I was 17years old , I am not a musician, producer, or mixer of music, I have found a aziz libpassion in helping spread the joy of good music all over the world.

I am now working in Labels industry organize releases from some Americans labels (Nirvana Recordings Based in NYC /Lafayette Street Records based in NYC / Zenbi Recordings Based in Washington DC).
You will rarely find me not working in or talking about something related to this business. I am ambitious, resilient, and non-relenting and will never let anyone steer me away from my passion. Money is never the incentive but simply a reward for hard work and dedication and successfully building a platform and brand.
I’ve always been fascinated by the thought of visiting the magical island “IBIZA” , as I work in Music Industry many dj’s friends telling me about Ibiza as many of them traveling every summer for playing gigs ,meeting new & old friends , sending good moments , even I know few dj’s who lives there , well my love for that island born into me as a place different than anywhere in the world is not a city when you can feel the stress is an island while you can free your spirit and enjoy the beauty of the nature of the paradise , nothing is better than enjoying Ibiza sunset , nothing is better spending good memories with friends & for the peoples we do love , nothing is better feeling your soul attracted to other peoples like you , I think in Ibiza you can meet that kind of peoples who they are all there for enjoying good times , having good parties , making new friends.

This is my story for falling in love with Ibiza , is a dream for me and I wont give up till achieve this dream , visiting or living in Ibiza would be a new experience in my life a new change discovering this place because is totally opposite of my lifestyle here in Morocco, at some point in our lives, we always look for a change, we always look for better things in our journey.”